"Gutsy" Greeting Cards Recognize/Honor Courageous Women and Girls!

 "Gutsy" Greeting Cards Recognize and Honor Women/Girls!

If there is a moment I've noticed lately it's when I send someone a Gutsy Gals Inspire Me greeting card. I have sent them to new mothers, award winning women, corporate presidents, educational leaders, homeless women and women fighting deadly diseases. Whether she's standing for a cause, pioneering a new product, defeating a giant corporation or just needs encouragement the recipients get a great big smile on their face or tear in their eye. These cards recognize courage. It's hard to be brave sometimes finding the courage to go against the crowd, correct a mistake or look death straight in the face and it can be lonely after a big accomplishment.

When I started Gutsy Gals Inspire Me to encourage and promote positive female role models I had these greeting cards designed for me to send out to inspiring females and recently we designed a new card with our own definition of a Gutsy Gal on it! 

There are Gutsy Gals who Inspire Me and I'm hoping you have some too.


Gutsy Gal Greeting Cards

It's a delight to surprise someone with a card. 

Their thanks of appreciation made me think that perhaps I should start selling the cards online in our new FaceBook store. So here is my maiden voyage the beginning of getting them out there to the public.

I hope you give these cards a try. I guarantee you will put a smile on someone's face.

Send us the recipients reaction with a photo or quote and we'll put it on FaceBook. If you like them we can create more.

Thanks so so much!


Deborah Hutchison - President Gutsy Gals Inspire Me

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