COVID-19 Condo Challenge

First, I was scared, shocked, and helpless. Then I settled into restrictions, cleaning closets, pacing my condo and washing my hands while singing happy birthday. 5 weeks had passed, and I hadn’t been outside except to walk my dog. One day I looked into the bathroom mirror and cried “I am so grateful to be one of the lucky ones.” Many people have lost their jobs and don’t have money for food.

And then I remembered something my goddaughter taught me. When she was down, sad or confused she’d bring me flowers. It would delight me and make her feel better.

The Covid-19 Condo Challenge

Can you imagine losing your job for the first time by no fault of your own? Then finding yourself short of money to go to the grocery store to buy food for you and your family. And then another first, having to turn to a local food bank to eat. Heartbreaking!

I hope you well, safe and ready to help. Food banks across America need our support now more than ever! The pandemic has affected so many people, people like you and me but not like you and me at all! We are the lucky ones living in our communities, working from homes with our biggest challenges… staying inside and wearing a face mask when we go out.

After watching a news segment about lines of people driving to my local food pantry to get food, an idea came to me, what if our condo community residents together could buy groceries to help stock our local food bank. Enlisting the help of my condo’s social committee and the blessing of the board of directors we sprang into action.

In five days, and 6 steps our condo community collectively donated over 200 shopping bags of food and raised $ for our county food bank. The neighbors were happy to contribute, they too were feeling frustrated and helpless locked down in their homes.

The Food Bank was beyond grateful for our donations as they are currently feeding about 100% more families than they did a few months ago. These trying times are not going away soon. Local food banks across the US need to continue to feed large numbers of unemployed families now and will continue even as we start getting back to business.

It was a win – win for us. The challenge is to encourage other community residents (Condo’s, Apartments, and Gated) to donate grocery bags of food and $ as we did for the purpose of helping their local food bank replenish their food needs.


How to help feed out of work Covid-19 people and never leave your home!
The entire process took one week from planning to pick-up, 5 days and 6 steps, once we took the Challenge. Here’s what I did – Click on a link below to follow the 5 days 6 steps program. It brought our community closer together in a common goal and it made us all feel like we were doing something to help others. If you are living in a single-family house, please pass this on to someone who lives in a community.

Gutsy Gals, take the Covid-19 Condo Challenge!
When we help each other, we help the world!
COVID-19 Condo Challenge

If you live in Palm Beach County use this link:
Palm Beach County COVID-19 Condo Challenge


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