Gutsy Thankfulness

In a year such as 2020, it might feel harder than usual to compile the annual “I’m thankful for _________” list around the table this year. We’ve all been impacted in so many ways by COVID-19, some even more than others. Everyone has spent time isolated, out of routine, and wondering about the future.

Uncertain times like these requires a “gutsy” level of thankfulness. It is in the darkest, or most chaotic times that it becomes the clearest to us what really matters. It is easy to be thankful when things are going great and life is good, but it takes a deeper level of courage to remain thankful when the going gets tough. Just like Gutsy Gals do hard things, we remain thankful through hard times.

Margaret Mitchell from Gone With the Wind once said, “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect. We take what we get and are thankful it’s no worse than it is.” We are made of tough stuff – if we have made it this far through life (and 2020), we can face what’s ahead with optimism and confidence that we will do it together, as a community.

This year, we are thankful for strong women who didn’t let the pandemic stop them from breaking class ceilings and going where no one has gone before, including the White House and free-climbing up the sides of cliffs.

Gutsy Gals, we would like to challenge you this Thanksgiving to truly consider what matters most. Has it changed since last year?

Here are some other resources to help invite thankfulness into your home this Thanksgiving season:

The Gratitude Game: (

Teach the art of thankfulness to your kids. Grab an old game of pickup sticks or a pack of M&Ms. Make a cheat sheet of these thankfulness prompts, and assign them a color of the sticks in front of you. Each time you pick up a stick, you have to answer that color’s prompt:

  • Name a person you are thankful for
  • Name a place you are thankful for
  • Name a food you are thankful for
  • Name a thing you are thankful for
  • Name anything of your choice.

Start a gratitude journal, or fill in a gratitude worksheet. Every day, make it a point to write down something that you are thankful for, in that day. It will help focus your thoughts towards looking for positive points in your life, and you will notice a shift in your mindset over time.

Write a thank you note to someone who has impacted your life this year. We have lost the art of writing notes to each other with the invention of texts, but it still remains a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them. You can look at our line of Gutsy Gal notecards, or handmake one of your own!

Read 100 things that other people have been thankful for in 2020 here. Sometimes, it is easy to forget all the things that happened this year, when the bigger topics dominated the headlines. One of our favorites from the list are the stories of so many rescue dogs that ended up finding homes due to everyone being isolated at home.

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