Meet the Team


Chief Gutsy Officer: Deborah Hutchison is a problem solver, former teacher, published author, and award-winning filmmaker. She sits on the Board of Directors of William Woods University. Throughout her adult life, Deborah has felt the need for a way to communicate honestly and clearly when dealing with family members and friends.

To that end, she has created “Better than a Handshake -The Printed Promise,” a non-emotional guidebook containing a collection of agreements to facilitate personal transactions among family and friends. You can learn more about this project at

Deborah’s founded Gutsy Gals Inspire Me, an online community of women of all ages who convene to inspire and be inspired. Her other interests include philanthropy, family, and our Chief Gutsy Canine, G.G.


Gutsy Community Creator: Shannon Hunihan is a passionate creative, who loves bringing people's ideas and dreams to life. Inspired by her experience attending a military academy in high-school, her dream is to foster a community of women who can change the world, and inspire the next generation of leaders.

On the Gutsy Gals team, she is responsible for bringing the community experience to life, and finding gutsy gals across the world to inspire all of us. Currently based in West Palm Beach, she enjoys spending her free time working out at Crossfit and volunteering at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. 


Chief Gutsy Canine: Meet GG, the Gutsy Gal community mascot. You can watch my introduction video here.

My job - make you smile! I'm well travelled, definitely chic, and potty trained. I'm Deborah's best friend. How can I help you? It's me G.G!